'Thanks for teaching me to swim, dear mother,'
Says the duckling looking at the mother duck near.
The mother duck tells the little one with a smile,
'You are destined to swim for more than a mile.'



 Between a mother & her offspring exuding affection,
Blessed are we all to witness life's benediction.
In rare moments of love our eyes close effortlessly,
As fills our being with complete joy and ecstasy.



'One day get for me the sun, Father,
Bring it in the evening when it is less brighter,
I will keep it near all sad-looking fellow,
The light of the sun will make them happy & glow.'



 A my little plump brother is too heavy to carry,
Yet I always want to see him laughing and merry.
To give him a long ride I hit upon an idea,
A strong coconut leaf becomes our superb gondola.


I see leaves falling off a tree with an ethereal grace. Even their final parting from the tree cannot ruin their mood of pure celebration. 


Failure makes us stronger until it breaks us and success makes our being glow with happiness until goes to our head. 


After swimming deep into the ocean of Silence for long hours once I emerged, someone refused to be with me anymore. It was Self-Doubt.


Between my ‘Predicted future’ and ‘Actual would be future’ there stands I, my desires, effort, courage & above all, love.


Holding the hand of creativity you plunge into the best journey you can ever have in life. It is ‘knowing thyself’.


A guilt-free laziness is a sheer art. It is not everyone’s cup of tea.


The longer I keep my eyes closed the larger the world within me becomes...


Whether our leisure is a blessing or a burden on us depends on our love and communication with our own self.