An enlightening emotional ride!❤️

Not often do I get immersed in the exquisite world created by an author with impeccable writing skills that I literally forget time and every materialistic aspects around me. Reading this gem of a book gifted me with one such glorious experiences and it took a golden ray of sunshine hitting on the pages to actually bring me back to reality and realization hits that I’ve been continuously reading for hours that it’s almost sunset and I’m left with these indescribable emotions brimming inside me. This book exceeded all my expectations, right from the beginning to the very end.

🌼”When peace steals your heart, you explore some unknown dimensions of creativity, a unique way of expressing yourself.”🌼

No blurb or synopsis can do any justice to the actual content of this book. It’s a mesmerising ride of love and enlightenment. If asked what the book is about, it’s an Indian love story without much element of surprise to be honest, kind of a ‘same old story’, plotwise. Then what actually makes this book so special among millions of other clichéd Indian contemporary romances?

We have our protagonists, Sugandha and Christopher destined to meet in Goa as co-workers and the rest is their journey in search of love and peace. One of the major things that makes this book so amazing is how character centered the entire book is. Character driven stories are my kind of thing and with intricately developed characters like Sugandha and Christ, I couldn’t help falling in love with both of them. There is so much compassion, love, trust, hope and serenity.

What actually hooked me heads over heels to the story is the soulful and enlightening excursions Sugandha and Christ experience together. We occasionaly come across a handful of very memorable and impactful minor characters in the book all of them portrayed in such an incredible way. The narration is just so elequent that I was completely blown away.

Harsh Tyagi

 Love story

After a sudden break-up, Sugandha, a bibliophile, moves to Panaji from Sonipat, starts working in a bank and meets Christopher who also works there.
Soon conversations begin, and then they start spending time together.
Love blooms and then problems begin as Sugandha tells her father about Christ!

°Talks about an inter-faith relation
°Overall it’s a pretty book of this adorable couple, who are completely kind and lovable characters.
°As the protagonist is a bibliophile, several famous books have been named in the book, I liked that. But that increased my TBR!😜
°The book is a bit slow-paced, so it took me a big longer to read than usual as I’m not much used to reading love-stories, it included a lot of events and it’s rich in vocabulary 😅
°Based on a real-life story, totally believable.
°A no-nonsense book, I lost track of time everytime I sat reading this one.
°The fun part- I received a signed-copy along with a matching bookmark on ordering from Amazon😳😍