Customer Review


Archita Mishra

What's in a name? Sometimes, its all in the name. 'The Little book of Everything' is just about everything. A little treasure, a tiny little gem of a book. As the blurb suggests, keep it by your bedside, take it whenever you go, open a page and you get little messages. Sometimes, small lessons, some learnings and a lot to observe & introspect. This is a little book but has so much to offer. The lines written are gold & most of them will make it to my handlettering journal. Love this book & I totally recommend it to anyone, reader or non-reader. For the first time, I don't think any kind of rating would do justice to this one. Its priceless! Do give it a read & thank me later.


'Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman' was a very interesting read for me. Now honestly speaking I have read a lot of thrillers in my life and whenever I pick a new thriller by any Indian author, I feel that nothing can surprise me now. But it is fun to read mystery thrillers and wait for the revelations. The author smartly plotted the story. I honestly didn't find that many loose ends. The synchronization of the past and present was good. I won't say it is a well written book because more work is needed but the narration definitely was gripping.

Ronak Shah

The speaking stone Do you love history? This book is all about the history and connected to the present time. This book falls under historical fiction. A book well crafted and well researched. From Bombay to chandanngar to quite great. Okay, I judge a book by a cover having said that I didn't like the cover at first. It's a quite dark showcase exact plot. Obvious. It's a big 300 pages book you need much time to analyze everything. This is the story of our Protagonist Saikat. He finds a half piece of stone which makes him curious to know everything about it. That stone takes us to a completely new journey. Book set into two-phase one in the 1900s and another one is the current phase. Then another character comes that is shuvanshini who is much into finding treasure and mystery hidden in trirupa. In old times it's another story of a kingdom where a king, a dancer and all those stuff. You must be why these two parallel stories? Are there any connections between them? well, that half stone will able to complete? I want to know to pick up this book. The story is completely good. If you are quite less into reading you may fail to shift your imagination from current to past and vice versa. It's quite a long book and needs a lot of patience to finish this. Character is well developed and described. The language is easy and lucid. Characters are so much mysterious. If you are an avid reader then it's perfect for you. I can not suggest this book for beginners. Because I know they don't have that much patience to explore the mystery. Other than it's a complete package with lots of twists and turns.